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Pole Covers

The Pole Cover has a unique design that forms a complete barrier over your pool and prevents a child from squeezing underneath the cover. It is manufactured using 600gram per square meter PVC. The backbone of the cover is the 32mm diameter lightweight Aluminium poles built into the cover. The poles run in the width of the pool and are spaced 1m apart, it extend approximately 30cm over the paving so the poles rest on the paving & the cover rest on the poles. Seeing that the cover is suspended from the water it enable us to punch a series of 8mm drainage holes into the cover allowing rain water and irrigation water to drain into the pool.

  • Aluminium poles every 1 to 1.25m apart, supporting cover
  • Small drainage holes to allow rainwater through
  • Stainless steel ratchets, not galvanised
  • Hemming all around the perimeter, not only on the widths
  • No glue used on cover or sleeves, only high frequency welding
  • Available in a variety of colours

This product can also be combined with the Leaf Catcher.

pole covers

Pole Covers