About our Pool Safety Nets

Pool Safety Nets

Developed and perfected in South Africa – the safest and most versatile pool safety device, used & trusted by thousands of South Africans over the years and now exported to approving pool owners worldwide.

We manufacture our pool netting from super strong High Density Polyethylene braid (150kg tensile strength) specially U.V. treated to withstand the harshest climatic conditions & completely resistant against pool chemicals.

The 10cm squares are small enough to keep a baby’s head from the water but large enough to prevent crawling or walking on the net. We also have an 8cm option available.

This product is often combined with a Solar Blanket.



The net is secured to the surrounding paving with stainless steel hooks anchored into neat, round keyhole slotted stainless steel plates. We do not use any plastic or synthetic anchors. The hooks will not tangle when the net is bundled & the plates will not clog up with dirt. The plates are almost flush with the paving & will not hurt your feet.



We provide built-in pulley tensioners where required in the net to ensure even tension all around the perimeter & to facilitate the easy handling of the net. These versatile ‘block-and-tackle’ tensioners can be placed anywhere in the net especially with irregular shaped pools & is a vast improvement on some of the outdated methods of tensioning from a central location.

pool safety nets

Pool Safety Nets