About our Solid PVC Covers

Solid PVC Covers

Our covers are manufactured with a manual drain outlet close to the weir of your pool – you simply connect a length of your pool cleaner’s pipe from the outlet to your pump and drain the standing water off. (Automatic pumps are also available.)

  • Our 4-in-1 covers are manufactured from the most durable reinforced PVC materials with a double folded welded hem for extra strength.
  • The 600gram per square meter PVC is UV stabilised, completely chemical resistant & will last for many years over your pool.
  • The brass eyelets & stainless steel hardware are of the highest quality & are backed with a life time warranty against corrosion.
  • The 4-in-1 acts as a giant solar collector during the day & keeps the heat trapped in at night.
  • It will keep your pool sparkling clean at all times & cuts pool maintenance down to a minimum.
  • You’ll save a fortune on chemicals & water replenishments – evaporation is eliminated & sunlight is completely blocked out.
  • The covers are custom shaped to fit the shape & size of any pool.
  • Stainless steel plate anchoring system.  No clogging of holes.

WARNING:  A Child can drown in rainwater accumulated on top of a solid cover.

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solid pvc covers

Solid PVC Covers